Why PPRC? because PPRC plastic pipes are light and easy to carry, they can be easily installed, the are healthy to use, the transportation and handling cost is less due to the light weight, therefore, the overall cast of installation is less then using pipes and fittings made from other materials. The raw material used in the productions of the plastic pipes is polypropylene which is durable against heat and chemicals. It has a longer endurance life and stability than other materials used in the industry.
no rust, no corrosion, no decay, no dirt, no bacteria's no lime deposit setting in the tubes of fittings which cause narrowing of inner dimensions and their by the flow capacity is never lessened by time.

no electric corrosion and abrasive reaction or deterioration takes place since plastic is a anon corrosive material.

Plastic pipes can easily be connected to the other components made of other different material. It is widely used and serves multi purpose and it requires very little time and effort for installation.

Water has an essential role in man's life. NIZAM PPRC pipes are an important instrument in the transfer of water from water reservoirs to our homes. it also offers an easy, cheap and healthy mode of flow to meet our needs at home and industry where it is to be used or consumed.