Our Technologies

Our Technologies

Hot & Cool Water Supply Systems
NIZAM PPRC piping system from NIZAM industry is an inimitable and ultimate solution for water another fluids transportation in residential, commercial buildings and industries due to its high resistance to very high pressure & temperature.

Temperature Resistance
NIZAM PPRC pipes& fitting are capable of sustaining 20 C onward 96 C on the other hand sharp temperature rise up to  100 C is


uncomplicated and freezing water temperature-10 C to - 30 C are also sustainable. NIZAM PPRC pipes & fitting are state of the art technology for hot and cold water.

NIZAM PPRC pipes system is made up of "polypropylene random copolymer" which is 100% certified food grade material, the physical and chemical property of PPRC make it a superior and secure piping systems.

Standard Specification
NIZAM PPRc pipes system conforms the following international standards.


DIN 8077-8078

PN 20


DIN 16962

PN 25

DIN 8077        Polypropylene, Dimensions.
DIN 8078        Polypropylene pipes, General Quality Requirements and Testing
DIN 16962      Pipe Joint Assemblies and fittings for polypropylene Pressure Pipes
DIN 16928      Pipe Connections and Components Layout
DIN 4109        Sound Insulation in Building Construction.
DIN 18381      Installation work of Gas, water and severage.


Universal acceptance of standard brass components is crystal clear but in some situations with some particular combination of PH and concentrations of chlorides, the experience a severe appearance of corrosion know as dezincification. NIZAM PPRC system uses alloy-DZR brass to counter dezincification. NIZAM PPRC system uses alloy-DZR brass to counter dezincification and follow international quality standards.

Afson PPRC pipes and fittings are available in following diameter.

Outer Diameter

Wall Thickness Internal Diameter Weight
D (m S (mm) DI (mm) Kg / m
16 2.7 8.2 0.111
20 3.4 13.2 0.172
25 4.2 16.6 0.260
32 5.4 21.2 0.434
40 6.7 26.6 0.671
50 8.4 33.2 1.050
63 10.5 42.0 1.650