Jointing Techniques

Step 1.

Cut Pipe to the required length using a cutter, mark the welding depth on the pipe, ensure that the indicator light on the welding tool signals that the tools is hot enough (260 C) for welding.

Step 2.

Push the pipe and fitting into the welding adaptors, applying even strength a both ends. Do not twist or turn the pipe and fitting while pushing. Wait until heating times is reached.

Step 3.

When the welding heating time is reached, remove both pipe and fitting together, again without twisting or turning while pulling out of the welding adaptor, Almost immediately push both pipe and fitting together until the depth is reaches. It is possible to adjust the joints for more then 5 dergress during this time. Joint is now completed.

Fusion Time Table

The Table below provides the necessary information for a good welding joint for various Nizam Pipe and fitting size.

Pipe Diameter (mm) Weld Depth (mm) Heating Time (Sec) Welding Time (Sec) Cool Time / Mins
16 11.5 4 3 2
20 13 5 3 2
25 15 7 4 2
32 16.5 8 6 4
40 18 12 6 4
50 20 18 6 4
63 24 24 8 6


  1. Heating time start when both pipe and fitting pushed into correct depth.

  2. Welding time beings when joint are connected.

  3. Cooling time is the taken for the joint to be completely cured.


Never reduce cooling time by purring water or by other means.